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Shark Saw

Manufacturer: Shark Corp.
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SKU: B 10-2410
Weight: 4.00 pounds
SHARK SAW SUPER FINE CUT PULLSAW 10-5/8" 19 TPI # 10-2410 SHARKSAW® Japanese design and technology. SharkSaw® uses the innovative pull-to-cut blade, and every aspect of its design--the shape of the teeth, thickness, balance and the coordinated angle of the teeth, blade and handle--was created to ensure maximum performance and minimal fatigue. The Innovation of Japanese design and technology. BLADE •PULLSAW® blades are made with high-carbon Japanese spring steel. •Because they cut "on the pull," SharkSaw blades can be thin,lightweight, and flexible (which allows for flush cutting). •Pull-To-Cut method prevents binding and buckling seen in traditional push saws. •Ultra-thin blade produces an accurate, clean, and controlled cut that is easy to start. •Ultra-thin kerf ensures straight, effortless cutting. •Tough lacquer finish on blades fights rust and corrosion. •Blade width is optimized to keep it steady during cutting. •Teeth, blade, and handle angles are all integrated to maximize cutting performance. Teeth •Teeth are precision-ground from (not stamped into) the highest quality carbon spring steel. The saw teeth are extremely sharp with three cutting edges. •The teeth are electrically impulse-hardened. They stay sharp two to three times longer than those on ordinary handsaw blades. •SharkSaw teeth are angled to work most efficiently with a pull-cut. • Every fifth tooth is made at a different angle to clean debris from the kerf. Pull-Cut® Works Superbly • Let the weight of the saw do the work for you. The usual downward pressure is not needed. •It is possible to saw overhead, make an undercut (from the bottom up) at any angle, and flush cut. •0-10° is the best angle for a smooth cut.High-Quality Elastomer Soft-Grip Handle •Ergonomically designed with a pistol-grip shape for maximum comfort and efficiency. It actually works as an extension of your arm, so there's no need to cock your wrist when sawing. •Industrial strength elastomer handles are made of long-lasting steel with soft grips. •Quick-release knob enables you to simply twist to release the saw blade for replacement or compact storage in a toolbox.

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